ive been getting into acoustic playing and singing alot lately, and i was wondering what some good songs to play and sing are.
3 am by Matchbox Twenty

a stranger by A perfect circle (a little on the difficult side)
green day - good riddance time of your life
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spring buds by keller Williams, its slow, peaceful and sounds good

I will follow you into the dark-death cab
The general-dispatch
anything Jack Johnson
Norwegian Wood-The Beatles
Something-The Beatles
Over the Hills and Far away-Zeppelin (the riff is just cool)
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no excuses-alice in chains
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I just learned The Ghost on The River by The Anniversary. Awesome song.
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Tribute - Tenacious D

after all, it is the "best song in the world"!!!!
Life by the Drop- SRV
Bungalow Bill- Beatles
Blackbird- Beatles
Wonderwall- Oasis
Life by the Drop- SRV (seriously, its awesome)
it's all been done-bnl
up all night- unwritten law
wish you were here-pink floyd
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american pie,
dust in the wind,
house of the rising sun,
dead or alive,
man of constant sorrow
I'm not sure what kind of music you like but I would suggest jack johnson songs. Great voice and some of his songs arent to hard to sing or play. Try sitting waiting wishing or banana pancakes. And I agree with all the songs that crabshrapnel posted.