How hard is it?

This is a very simple circuit.

How do I connect all my connections?

You'll mount the components on a small board, and use solder to secure them.

Everything here depends on how comfortable you are with a soldering iron. Maybe do a little research on the internet about projects like like this one. Over all it should be a simple little project that will help you get into this sort of thing and figure out of you like it or not.

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yea thats one of the most simple pedals you can build. But it supposedly gets the job done well as a booster. Yea if your not familiar with soldering but want to get into making your own pedals its a good pedal to start with.

Definately get a soldering iron, and get some old components, like an old sega genesis game (thats what I did, lol) and practice soldering. There are actually some pretty good videos on youtube that can show you the proper technique.

Just make sure you learn about cleaning and tinning the soldering iron tip. And remember (something that I started off doing wrong). while soldering components your soldering iron should not even touch the solder. My too cents :P

and yea let us now how it turns out
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