i was wondering how to overall increase my playing level. ive been playying for about 5 years now adn consider myself pretty good but im stuck. do i just keep learning more and more songs? what to do? also, how can i make the solos easier to lear/play, i have a real difficult time with that. please help. thanks.
Write your own licks and stuff.
Learn scales, chord progressions, theory, stuff like that.
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Start by learning 5 or 6 different scale shapes, the important ones like Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and then whatever, I suggest Harmonic Minor. Then start learning the notes of the fretboard and the major scale all over the neck. You'll learn a lot more about your instrument and how to control it.

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A way I learn to play solos better is to start with my own. I'll listen to a song, and once the solo starts, I'll just improv my own solo into the song. It teaches you a lot about scales, and just where notes should go in general.
well...what can you not do well?

simple as that.
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