I am thinking about getting new pickups for my American Strat. Right now it has the pickups that originally came with it. I was wondering what kind of pickups you guys suggest that sound great in a strat and would sound great running through my fender hotrod deluxe deville 4X10 tube amp.

I listen to/play lots of audioslave, offspring, soundgraden, foo fighters, clapton, zeppelin (basically a little bit of everything)

what do you guys think?
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Bareknuckle pickups. pm tim in the forums and he will hook you up
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pop some emgs on there. bwahahaha.

but seriously, seymore duncans are really good for that stuff.
Lindy Fralin's > The Best

There's several kinds of strat sets they make so choose to your liking. You can also specify how hot they're wound.
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speaking of seymore duncans...i was basically between seymore duncan hot rail single coil pickups or the lace sensors..
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Lace Sensor noiseless

Wow you beat me to it. I've been looking at these for a while. I know there are blue, red, silver, gold lace sensor picksups. which ones do you perfer for bridge, neck and middle pickup positions.
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