Can it do it?

I have narrowed down my selection to either the Peavey 6505+ stack or a Mesa Boogie triple rec. I have tried them both, and like both of them.

Recently I got a call from my Guitar Shop saying they brought in an EvH 5150 III. I am thinking of going in to try it out. But before I do - is it worth my time? Is it considered a 'metal' amplifier?

just listen to some EVH to know what it could sound like

I played one and got some sweet tones from it

so yeah, it could do some metal
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Yes. It can do the 6505 sound with a better lead channel and better cleans.
Isn't 5150 III basically a Fender-made 6505?
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The 5150 III is a great amp. The first time I tried it I really didn't give it much praise, but I went and tried it a few weeks back again and wow, that amp really is nice.

The clean channel is great, chimey, fendery cleans.

The first gain channel is nice, it actually has quite a bit of gain on tap but I was mostly using it for a dirty blues/classic rock sound.

The 2nd gain channel is really great. Notes are MUCH more defined than the 5150/6505, it doesn't get muddy like the Peaveys and is tight as hell.

I really liked it, it's probably just as versatile as my Mark IV.
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I believe it was either Skolnick or Peterson (both maybe?) just used one to record the latest Testement cd The Formation of Damnation. That ought to answer the "how is it for metal" question...