in most cases my pointer finger is slanted when i play, i tried uploading a image of what i mean but files too big.

basically my finger joints are pointing at the neck almost

is this a bad thing?
Try using windows paint to scale down the picture then upload it here or else most of us dont know what u are talking about
haha. nothing to do with the thread but the index finger on my right hand is now slanted after almost two years of gripping the pick too hard..

i only realised it like four weeks ago and the reality hit me real hard there..
how long have you been playing? caus my fingers were just like that when i first started playing standing up. then my wrists and fingers became more flexible after lots of playing and i could reach frets with my index finger no problem
a good year of playing. but its not that im not flexable, its just like that. and when i try to force it straight it just feels really weird. i still need help people
my finger does that too. its because i have small hands and i need to exted and roll my finger to fret certain chords(i dont have long enough fingers to come straight down with my finger-tip sometimes). it feels ok on me i just need to streach, if i dont i cramp up sometimes.

is this the case with you(looks like it from the pic)? does it hurt?

if not then its all good
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It looks to me like you need to bring your elbow more outwards from your body. Play with strap height a bit too so you're not straining your wrist. There's lots of tips on this around.
I play exactly like that too, but just because my hand is small and my fingers short. Hasn't let me down so far.
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