i have been planning to buy an ibanez s series, finding them extremely smooth and comfortable, with excellent looks and a fantastic bridge, the ZR. however i have not been able to make up my mind as to whether to get the s620exqm or the s470dxqm. the features look the same, and it appears that i'm only paying extra for the transparent gray burst s620exqm 's killer looks. could anyone tell me why the price difference is so much, and whether or not it is worth paying the difference for the s620? thanks a lot.
the pick ups on the s620ex are a little better and it looks alott better i have 2 of these s series i have the 520ex and i have a prestiege and both are amazing if yout going to change pick ups i recomend a jazz in the neck and a full shred in the bridge
I am facing the same problem... but between the s520 ex and the s620exqm, basically if i get the 520 i would save more money to buy pups, but i guess in the 620 the pups are just fine, is it worth the difference to get the 620 with it's looks and pups or just get the 520 and change pups later???
Both guitars have the same pickups. Really, nothing sets them apart IMO. Either way you essentially get the same guitar so... it's up to you.
the S620 has emg designed pups... and the QM finish which is nicer... but the huge difference in price makes it hard to simply chose it. bisides some ppl say that despite the fact that they are emg desinged pups on the 620, they are not that good and its preferable too change them
this is where i got confused.... some1 help me plz
Pretty much. EMG designed pickups are garbage, you'll be changing them out anyway for a decent set.