this is something i just came up with now finger picking and im not really well educated in music. so i was wondering if anyone could tell me what key this is in. im thinking D but i really dont know.
and also if anyone has any ideas for it throw them out there

]-3p2----2* ---2-------2------2--------2-----3p2-----
]------3-------- ---3-------3------3--------3--------3---
]--------2--------- ----2-------2-------2-------2--------2
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Dude The first riff is just and arpeggio of the D chord.

The second riff looks like variations of the G chord.

So Im gonna say that this riff is in the D major scale.

The chords of the D major scale are Tonic; D, Sub-dominant; G, Dominant 7th; A7.
(They are the 1st 4th and 5th notes of the scale).

It sounds really nice though!!
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