What would be a good interface and mic for recording vocals, acoustic guitar and maybe some hand percussion (djembe, dumbek, maraca, etc). I already have a Shure SM-58 which I like for vocals but it just doesn't do the guitar justice. I guess basically what I'm asking for is an interface with a few XLR inputs and a good mic for acoustic guitar for around $400-$500.
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Do you currently have an interface? A good idea may be to get a microphone preamp to add inputs if you have an existing one.

As for good acoustic recording...perhaps the Samson CO2 matched pair or Rode NT1...it depends on the sound you want.
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My Studio Projects B1 condenser gets a nice sound for acoustic. I'd recommend that, and I wouldn't have thought it would have trouble capturing some hand held percussion either. I plan to use it for that in the near future, so I'll see how it goes.
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