I want to buy an Avatar 1x12 cabinet for my small tube head. Please help me decide between:


G112 (open back cab):
Pros- Lower price
Cons- Doesn't look as cool

Contemporary 112 (closed back cab):
Pros- Looks cooler and is newer
Cons- Slightly more expensive

Allright, to be honest the price difference doesn't matter much to me. Looks ain't a big deal either. The big difference is that one is open back and the other is closed. I like the idea of open back more, since i get hide stuff in there.. But is it less durable? I won't be switching the speaker or anything just FYI. I'll be driving with it a lot, so is close back safer for the cab? I also heard I get more bass with close back, but I don't really need bass. I play blues and jazz and a little classic rock. What do you guys think? Open or closed?
Yeah, but I'm more of a blues and jazz and classic rock guy. I'm actually trying to gear my tiny terror away from the "balls out" marshall distortion. Thanks for input though
Especially if it's a 1x12, you'll want the extra thump of a closed back. You can get convertible back cabs that let you switch if you want to explore your options more- try a bunch of cabs in the store. I think you'll find that 1x12s tend to sound rather small and weak with open-back cabs, especially with smaller amps running through them. It's the bass response that gets increased, not necessarily the amount of bass.
Wow, thanks a lot. you have a good point. I'll probably go for the closed back then. It looks cooler anyways

Thanks man
yeah im actually considering nailing a board to the back of my combo so i get better bass resoponse