Alright, so I've been looking into the Mesa Boogie Mark IV...
I've got no problem spending the money on it, and I've heard how great the cleans are... however, I haven't heard much about the distortion on it, other than that Lamb of God uses it... so, my question is, to achieve a real crunchy, heavy gain, would you need to throw an OD in front of it, or will the amp by itself achieve this?
Nope, an overdrive pedal will not be necessary. Willie doesn't use one at all, and Mark uses an MXR OD on his lead work. It'll sound quite nice with or without one.
The recording titled "new riff" in my profile is all Mark IV. I used a Maxon OD-808 to tighten the sound up a bit, but honestly, it doesn't need it at all, I just have the pedal so I figure I'll put it to use for something, the OD wasn't adding any gain btw.
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