I cannot foresee myself owning a Peavey 5150 half stack guitar amp for quite some time, and I ran across the Peavey Windsor amp head, what is the Windsor made for? I notice it has a single channel, assuming that this is a distortion/dirty channel, would I be able to get a "nicer" "cleaner" distortion out of it after adjusting the EQ?

I will be playing primarily to bands like Demon Hunter, August Burns Red, All That Remains, etc. Would I be satisfied with this half stack going through my Schecter C-1 EX Baritone Blackjack for High-gain drop tuned music?

Or would the Peavey Valveking be a better bet for Higher-gain music?
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Not at all man. The Valve King would be better, but it usually wants an OD pedal to get really, really heavy. Find yourself a nice used 5150, I think its the best tone in that price range for that kinda music.