Yeah I know you guys have never seen this kind of thread before but I'm hazy in this area of guitars.

I've been looking at mainly Ibanez, Jackson, and Shecter. I'm leaning more towards the Ibanez right now.

Here's what I'm looking for:

- 24 frets
- a good tremolo system
- fast neck

My budget is about $400
I would look at some Ibanez RG's Some of the lower models (like $600 and below) dont really have the greatest pickups but everything else in MY opinion is good, I have an Ibanez RGT42 that i bought in 2004 and it was 600 and the pickups were kinda cruddy so i put 2 DiMarzio Evolutions in it and those work great for shredding (cost ya round 200) But they were a little low on the output. So i put in an X2N Bridge pickup, and a DActivator in the neck and its perfect!
I'd have to say save more money, $400 is not enough for a good shred guitar, depending on what amp you have as well.

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I'd have to say save more money, $400 is not enough for a good shred guitar, depending on what amp you have as well.

Thats another good point. Your amp makes a huge difference.
Yeah I've got a Vox AD50 right now and I can get a great tone out of it so im not too worried about that.

What price range is good for a decent shred guitar?
I would say 600 and up for the features you want if you're talking about new guitars. But you can get alot more guitar for your money if you used. I have a kramer that's a neck-thru (not a set neck, the real deal), has 24 frets with amazing fretwork, a super comfortable neck, a Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB set,Gotoh tuners, and an original Floyd that I got for 250 bucks used. I like it more than any guitar I have played including the american strat I payed 800 for new, until you get to the 900 dollar and up range, at that point, the LTD M-1000 becomes my goal. But that definately doesn't mean I haven't played guitars well over a grand that dissapointed me in comparison to my 250 dollar kramer (which was only a 600 dollar guitar new in 2001).

So I suggest you search ebay, you could get lucky and score a nice Ltd M-400 or Schecter Hellraiser in the 4-500 dollar range in great condition if you keep an eye on ebay. But if you insist on going with a new guitar, you might as well skip right past those and go for an M-1000, which is like the golden goose of guitars before you get into REALLY expensive stuff.
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Here's what I'm looking for:

- a good tremolo system

My budget is about $400

A good tremolo system costs more than 200$, uninstalled.
So i guess youll have to deal with a crappy licenced FR.
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Used RG550's are like $300 on ebay a lot of the time.
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Look for an RG 7xx or 550 series.
I bought my 770 for about $650 australian and even though its a 1988 model it was in pretty good condition. This guitar absolutely slays anything I've ever played !!!
Killer neck, original edge and dimarzio pups stock.
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