Hi, I'm sure you have heard this a million times, but I am on the market for a new amp.
I've looked around at some shops near me but they have nothing but Vox, Fender and Marshall. I'm not really digging the Fenders, except their cleans and the Vox and Marshalls are a bit expensive. I'm open to some suggestions on which amps may suit me, give me some names and I will phone around to see what stores in the vancouver area have them.

I'm looking for a ~30W tube amp, preferably with two channels with good cleans and upper mid gain. I'm going to be using it to play folk, indie and punk mostly but I play a little bit of classic rock and jazzy stuff once in a while. Should have enough power to play small-medium venues.

ok, so I'm open to any suggestions of amps similar to what I am looking for, my price range is probably 500-700 Canadian

Canada... TRAYNOR YCV40 or 50

Great cleans and low-mid gain, that sounds harmonically rich and beautiful sounding.
If you need more info, PM slatsmania... I've played a bunch of em, and If I were not a heavy metal player, I would buy them in a second.
Mmmm the traynors are nice or a laney lc30 or vc30
dont know how much they are in canada tho
Shut up and play your guitar!