Hello everyone, I have GAS and I have it bad. I have about $450 saved. My current gear is an Affinity Series Squier Strat, and Vox DA5. I also have a Michael Kelly Deuce Pheonix that I love to death but wasn't thinking about practicality when I bought it. It's too big to fit any gig bag I've seen. So it will most likely remain in my room.

I jam with people every Friday. Our drummer is extremely loud. I can usually be heard if I put my amp on a table or elevate it in some other way. I was thinking of getting a Crate RFX65 Combo.

I'm interested in getting a soloist/superstrat type guitar. I've been looking at the Ibanez SZR 520. But if I get this I'm out of money for anything else. The main thing I like about that guitar is the String-thru body. I'm not interested in have a floyd rose. Problem is if I get this guitar then I'm out of money for a new amp.

Lastly I want to get a Marshall tone without the Marshall price. I've looked the Marshall Guv'nor distortion pedal. Of course it's not gonna sound that great when a squier strat is running through it and coming out of a practice amp. And I just built a pedal board/case out of an old suitcase yesterday. Problem is it looks pretty pathetic with only a wah pedal it it.

I know it's a lot to read but I seriously can't decide what to spend my money on. I'm not rich so I need to spend my money wisely. I called guitarcenter.com's number and the guy recommended me a Marshall MG. ewww.....
well this thing is cheap so you could probably afford a new amp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kramer-Striker-Custom-S424CR-Electric-Guitar?sku=515348 but I've never played one so I don't know if it's ****. If you get that and save up a little bit more you can afford this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-Cube-60-Guitar-Amp?sku=480197 never played one of those either but everyone on this site rekons they're pretty good.
^About the Roland amp. It says it has built-in digital effects, does that mean it's a digital amp? Also, what should I do about the pedal?
^me thinks so, the pedal looks ok but I've never used that either just read the reviews and if you can't afford that I recommend the boss range