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Everyone has it, and (hopefully) grows out of it. Whether it's a lifestyle, or something like acne.

What was yours, and how long were you in this stage of life?
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Very reclusive... Very inhuman but i never let it show... It was a lack of emotion towards anything and everything but i never let people see it... It effected me on that side but i never showed it externally... Its just one of those stages.... some rebel... its different for everyone... still am in that stage some but finally phasing out of it...
it started when i was about 12, i started listening to different music, and i started wearing hot topic clothes a lot.

i couldnt talk to girls very well, and i was very shy. oh, and spastic, and angry a lot of the time too.

it stopped when about 6 months from my 15th birthday.
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Still in it, even though I've been able to overcome it in some situations. It started when I moved from Japan back to the US, the summer before 8th grade.
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i wore neon colored shirts, and played a right handed accoustic guitar even though i'm a lefty...
then i had to let go moved on...
now my style consists of 100% black,
a lefty black Dean, eletric
and i'm a headbanging screamer for half of a band..
and almost engaged to
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started getting into heavier music, and started the guitar, but was definitely socially inept for a while
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it was like 5 or 4 years ago, i didnt really care much about people around me (in a social way), and i was into videogames, so all i really did everyday was stay at home playing or doing homework. or surfing the web. that period lasted for like 2 years wtf
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once i realized that most people are stupider than me i felt better about myself. then i became possibly 1 of a dozen musically centered people at my school, ****ed everything up
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From the age of 8 all the way to about 13 or so. I was extremely emotional, jumped to conclusions a lot, didn't interact well with others, and had few friends. These days, I'm almost the opposite.
I was just always awkward and shy and quiet and i also had MASSIVE BOILS AND ACNE on my face. now i'm more outgoing and real into metal... still a nerd though.
Grade school. I listened to Heavy Metal and played DooM.
Instead of Mario 64 and Backstreet boys.
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Very reclusive... Very inhuman but i never let it show... It was a lack of emotion towards anything and everything but i never let people see it... It effected me on that side but i never showed it externally... Its just one of those stages.... some rebel... its different for everyone... still am in that stage some but finally phasing out of it...

ditto or at least very similar.

I was also very shy, until I got to know you. Ever since I got into music though, I've changed a whole lot as a person. Music freed me from my shell so to speak, and I thank it by devoting my life to it.

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got some acne on my neck and back
couldn't talk to girls very well, very self conscious about my looks, my hair and all that.
im still self conscious about my height though. im fairly short :/
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it was like 5 or 4 years ago, i didnt really care much about people around me (in a social way), and i was into videogames, so all i really did everyday was stay at home playing or doing homework. or surfing the web. that period lasted for like 2 years wtf

That's another thing. I didn't have much of a life outside of video games and the internet. When I was 10 I moved to the other side of my city to a neighborhood where there were no other kids, so I just stayed inside all the time and wasted my life on the internet and video games. I'm still like that in a way, the only difference is that I do other stuff along with it.
I'm not really sure. I don't remember ever having like a super awkward period, but I'm kind of an awkward person in general. I'll see acquaintances at the bar and they'll be like, "Hey, how ya doing?" and I'll be like, "Awesome, I'm wearing a red sweater." Then they'll be a silence for a few seconds and they'll just be like, "That's true, you are." Then I start talking about how great the buzzcocks are.

Also, I'm not a big fan of people hugging me. That's kind of awkward.
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you could say from grade 6 to year 9 i was really into gaming, really competitive about everything. now i am just a 16 year old kid who hates all those kids who need to fit in (as in those people who pretend to be stupid, drug using, alcoholic, smoking ****tards who will do anything for attention but before that they where nice smart people). which in my school is like 95% of the school population, so basically apart from my group i am pretty much not liked by alot of people because i don't hesitate to speak my mind about those idiots.
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along with fire escape routes...

Obsessed with Final Fantasy/Discworld/LOTR/ any fantasy stuff. That was my way of escaping from the awkward, embarrassed, and social inept mess that was my life for a good few years.

It ended just before I turned 18, when I moved away and met the girl I first fell in love with.
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I went through a really awkward stage when I was 14/15. That was when I had my first relationship and I let it screw me over pretty badly. I ended up going through the whole emo thing. I had terrible sense in fashion and style, listened to terrible music, could never hold down a job, and sucked at pretty much everything.

But since then I can definitely say I've found myself. It's like being self aware for the first time my whole life. Going through that stage is probably what helped me become who I am now, because otherwise I wouldn't have experienced as much or learned as much about myself.
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11-13 I was a dork in short. My hair was just wtf and my friends were also dorks for the most part. Don't get started on what i used to wear oh god no, and i just couldn't talk to girls...

But then i hit 14 and it all changed:d better frineds less wrapped up in my video games, *cough*finalfantasy*cough* got into football. Then i moved and thought i was going to go backwards, but no! It got better! However soon after that move i moved again...and acne got me just as i turnt 15 had no frineds no life, depression, no job, and self harming.

THEN! I hit 16 and the ane had gone i got in shape and pulled it all together. It's never been as good as it once was however. Now 17, dropped out of high school due to it all,i've only got a few friends, a measly job, but i look better, dress better, etc etc. Never had an actual GF, Just a few intimite encounters. Hopefull it'll all change now i'm moving out and moving away.

Ah, but the happy times were happy 14-15.

Edit: was awkward/sad...

/Life story
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Put simply...awkward.
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When I was really young, though.

Like, 26 or something.

Mine lasted from 14, when I realised I was a fat ugly idiot, to 17, when I realised that I'd just have to work with what I have.
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When I was around 12-15 I was a whiny little bitch. I'm alright now but I'm very impersonal.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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extreme crude dirty perversion ever since i eneterd secondary school (11 onwards) and i doubt ill ever leave this phase
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Well I was kinda embarassed and shy because of acne ( I didn't have that much though ), now it's finally getting better so I'm getting more confident.
I can honestly say I've never had one, I'm coming up 19 so it's never too late I guess.
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I was about to write my response when I realised how similar 'awkward me' was to current me

I was rude to EVERYONE... dyed my hair pink and thought it was the most original and rad thing ever, wouldn't go out without eyeliner and a studbelt on, gave everyone who looked at me in the street the filthiest looks.

Now er... I do have pink in my hair but I'm not a complete dick >.<

I learnt in psychology that before the age of 16 your brain hasn't developed enough to be anything other than selfish, so I don't feel that bad about it
That would be back when I was 13 and 14. It was nonsensical at best. I was a living paradox. I had a light pink fluffy coat, loved pop punk and emo, wore really bad blue eyeshadow, and had it in me to actually tell some girl how much I really hated her, and I thought my braces looked cool and that I actually needed to cake my face with makeup, cared about following the crowd, very...

Strange times...

Then I discovered Dream Theater in 9th grade and everything got better from then.
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i wasnt really ever socially inept. when i was about 13 i started listening to 'alternative' music, but there was a pretty big contingent of alternative kids at school so that wasn't really ineptitude it was just a different interest to the mainstream as im sure we all know about here

then for some reason i started playing a lot of video games online instead of going out for like a year, not because i was a geek or bad at socialising or anything i just preferred to play.

im pretty much the first person of my friends to say hey lets go out and get wasted, i still play computer games but in moderation compared to when i was younger i guess

the only awkward thing i did was i was a bit stupid with my first serious girlfriend but i learnt that lesson quickly haha and now its all good.
well im in the awkward state, I'm not sure its my fault though. nobody says anything to me and when i talk to people they just ignore my existance.

oh well i have weed and guitar

this is probably because everyone likes rap and emo and theres no common ground between me and them.
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I was borderline hardcore emo , then I got over my crush.

Turned hippie.

I wasn't ever really "awkward" really.
But I used to be pretty horrible at social situations because I have this tendency to subconsciously judge EVERYONE I physically see and I'm a pretty cynical person so the people I think positively of are far and few in between. Actually, I still am horrible. But I'm not as horrible, and it's alot less awkward for me now because I really don't care about how awkward the other party is anymore.
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