anyone have any experience with these pickups?

i know brian may uses them and its essential to get his sound through the pickups, but what i really want to know is what other tones can you get through these single coils?
That question is a bit too open ended. Could you be more specific. Saying "what toens can you get through these single coils" is like saying what kind of house can I make from this pile of wood? The answer is that there are so many types that pointing out specific ones becomes pointless.

It works much better for you to tell us what you want to do and then ask if the pickups will work for that.
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well, I'm heavy into greg howe, and i really dig smooth smooth tone from my guitar, so i'm looking for pickups that could handle funk/fusion types of music well, as well as jazz rock stuff, and just plain heavy rock riffs like that of tom morello

would these pickups be good for that?
^They should be good for that. The try sonic is built with a ceramic magnet and is epoxy potted which means it doesnt feedback and it handles distortion well. It's a bit bland when it's clean but I'm thinking thats not going to be much of a problem for you.
Not taking any online orders.