I will be graduating college here in another semester and up until now have had little idea what I want to do with my life. I will be applying for masters in journalism programs in the next couple months but I want to keep my options open. I am very fond of building things and working with my hands. After a massive brain storm session that has lasted most of my college career , I came across an article in Guitar World about the Fender Custom Shop guys and how they recreated "Lenny". I started thinking about how awesome a job that would be. I have done quite a bit of research online but I was wondering if any of you guys could give me advice on what would be needed to obtain such a career? Does anyone know of any good schools that have class time and apprenticeships that are hands on?

As I said, I have done some google searches and come across some stuff on these forums but am still looking for information as to what the best path is to pursue such a career. As of December I will be free to move anywhere in the country and will likely do so to pursue these career ambitions. Any help is appreciated!

If I remember correctly, I think in the ads of Guitar World they have listings of places across the nation that offer like internships to guitar makers or small schools. I think Musician's Institute has a guitar building program there.