I've been playing this guitar for about since December, it started out on just playin christmas songs for my family. And to tell the truth guitar hero just didn't cut it for me so i moved on to the real thing. I love both types guitar acoustic and electric. I have a Morgan Monroe Journeyman. Weird i can't find alot about them on the internet. But getting to the point is i love finger picking and seems like im leaning toward lead guitar. But im having trouble with electric. Acoustic is easy just string, tune, pick and it makes sound, but electric seems so much more....difficult. I don't know about all these things like , Inotation, truss rods, humbuckers, i mean how do i know it sounds right? The higher up i go on my electric guitar(Fender Stratocaster 'that's right!'......made in mexico...) the worse it sounds, like 'Stairway sounds way off on my electric, but great on my acoustic. I was needing to know how to make it right, that and the volume sounds horrible, i have to 8 to get to make a sound, a quiet sound..... i mean i don't even know what the tone and the humbucker toggle is used for. I know this is alot but if any part can be answered it would be great. that and i need to know how to get better, and i can do practice but i need to know what...to practice.