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Shorts and sunshine legs

Girls blooming in the quick heat
The average ones I always passed by
Flare and flower quickly
Teasing me with their
Dangling vines
But its the eye-jerk, smile-twitch
The true accessories of Aphrodite
Who burst like the dahlias
Their full stems exposed
Balloons of jutting flesh
Every inch purging,
Oh God
Like torturous roses,
Tempting apples in the garden
The flashing petals leave the cider fruit
Blushing at its core
How does one survive such
Billsfully naked limbs?

i knew the time would come

i walk through the park
dark and so
i know that that time has come and your
true colours will be showing and your
face will be crinkling,
“i may not be here for much longer
but i will make everybody miserable before i’m gone.
that’s a promise.”
well, i get that feeling anyway
you watch me through the window as i walk
i see you, and your lips quiver in the cold
i see you talk
“something’s not right between us.”
everybody is miserable but they’re not close for you
for you to hug; you need that comforting
that something so pure, so dear.
i knew that time would come.
everybody gets miserable but they recover.
because they see that light shining.
that one glimmer of hope.
and then there’s two
and everybody is in bliss but you.

it happens every year


She clung to the ground,
roots high in the air.
She always knew mother would spit
her out feet first. It
was some sort of basic instinct,
"I've got to come out wrong, that
way if I'm screwed up I'll have
something to blame it on."

Twenty years down the road
and she's still blaming mother
for birthing her in April.
"If you would have waited until May,
I could have come out well sprinkled
and forwards. Then I wouldn't have
three flowers running around in my brain
telling me to plant trees
and kill things."

Mother glanced to father,
father to his grandfather clock.
"Do you wish to go back and start over?"
She pivoted her back toward father,
"No, but I do wish the daffodils in my head
would have been born roots down."
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