anyone going to Community college for a year and transfering to a 4 year college?

I live very close to a Community College and Im thinking about going there for a year, mainly so I can play guitar at my house and not have to worry about bothering other people, plus some of my friends are going there for the 1st year, since they live close.

Is this a wise decision? I have good grades in HS to apply to a good 4 year uni, but then I can't play guitar as I loud as I would like to and I still have hopes of being a musician. If I went to a CC, I feel like my effort in hs is all gone, since none of it counts and only the grades in community college counts, in order to transfer to a 4 year.\

Oh, and i would save thousands of dollars by going to CC, for a year.
main reason for this is guitar
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i went to a CC before transferring to a University, and i must say its a good idea. It really gets you prepared for college lifestyle (vastly different than HS), plus you save a ton of money, just make sure to talk to an adviser and take only courses that transfer..
eyah you should go to CC. first of all its a lot cheaper and you can do your GED there just make sure you speak to a counselour so you can get the right classes and dont end up taking some that wont count for universities.
No form of furthering your education is a bad thing. Hell going to community college for a 2 year degree willl still open up career options better then what you can get with a hs diploma. So whatever it takes to further your education do it.
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That's what I'm doing except I am going to CC for the first 2 years.

Me too. The first two years of education are basically the same for everyone Uni or community. Thing is you save a lot more money in a CC. Just make sure you know what credits you need to take before transfering.

Though some people think going to a cc is bad. Why? Idk. Pretty much get the same breaks as real uni's.
Do it. Its a great prep for 4 yr schools, and you won't spend a ton of money( For last semester I paid maybe about $500- 700 and thats with books and parking passes) Just don't be a dumbass like me and make sure that you talk to a counselor before you pick classes.
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