Alright well, here I am again. I suprised myself by writing another piece, every one could be the last though. Anyway, enjoy.

I Know Where You Slept Last Summer

Girl take off your coat and your shoes
The fireplace will warm your toes
And I'll take what's left of you if you take off your clothes
Maybe this is a mistake
But I've missed taking you home
Cause now your nights are spent catching your breath
And you're sleeping on my floor

But you can't complain cause I never promised you a thing

And in the middle of the night
You can still scream that you're right
Well, baby I'm fast asleep
And you can hate me everyday
Curse and blame me for your pain
Come nighttime you'll be here with me

If you had even a penny to lose I'd bet you everything

Baby the window's no place for your head
I bet it'd feel better in my arms
You can put it anywhere you'd like, I'll keep it from harm
Maybe this is all hopeless
I hope less you'll say your wrong
Yeah less than before but still here's hoping
Until all hope is gone

But you can't complain, you never asked for a fair game

And in the middle of the night
You will maintain that I lied
Baby I don't hear a thing
You can keep finding new ways
To curse and blame my very name
But we both know where you'll sleep

If I had even an inch to give you'd take everything

Now where are all your friends?
I guess they only come around on the weekends
Well you've got your price to pay
If you want to be one of them
Cold floors and colder hearts
Never kept you warm like the summer sparks we shared
And all those nights you can't forget are left suspended in the air
And I'm left to watch you leave
Guess I was right about your fears
If you couldn't bear to face them then what were you doing here?

So blame me when the sun doesn't show his face
But remember I never told you it wouldn't rain
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I felt the second verse was a little weak, didn't reall have the wordplay of the others, sounded a little to standard and bland.

I loved the single liners between each verse. They were cool.
freak i haven't checked this forever, sorry I suck bad at returning critiques but I'll try to get to those pieces, thanks for the feedback
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OMG! when did you get back here?! how have you been!?

I haven't read whatever you posted yet but I'll get to it later. I just did a double take when I saw the thread author and had to come say what's up.
COREY, holy shiz man what's up? Where you been? Well I guess I'm the one who disappeared for a couple years but anyway... good to see you man.
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