So I am building a guitar and I really want a tone pros tune o matic bridge where the strings terminate into the body of the guitar. The problem is I want my neck radius to be 10" but the radius for all tone pros is 12". (I got a mail from a rep there).
I've seen other guitars like Jet Guitars and others that use Tone Pros , and on their site advertise that they can make a neck from 8.5" to 12" radius.
Is there a way around this?
Easy solution is to have a 12" radius on the neck which you already know but if your dead set on 10" radius and you cant get tone pros with the 10" then it looks like you'll have to set about the bridge with a file so its the correct radius.

You could always but the tonepros bridge then replace the saddles with graphtech saddles , they may be easier to re-radius on the top. . . . .