Music is the best medicine coz it can relax u and make u think differently about life. I found an aweosme local australian solo artist person thingy that made me relax and i loved it! any one else noi of this kinda stuff? www.myspace.com/alphabetasoul
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Noi, music is bad coz it makes u want to kill ppl and u think differently about life.

Wut eh sadi.
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I think its 18 in california but I'm just wonderin cuz if i get caught then I can be like "well legally im allowed to watch it" and they'll be like "k koo"
hai guyz, i found diz band itz called godsmack and itz awsum \m/
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
music can keep a man docile. Case in point--me. The one week I went through with no exposure to music whatsoever was the week I was going insane