..I'm ill and at home all day.
I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice my guitar alot.
I play metal and rock, though I'm open to other genres.
I would say I'm about an intermediate player?
Anyone have any songs or exercises that would help me practice and be fun to play?
I need to improve my speed and picking hand/fretting hand co-ordination.
I find making a simple progression say like a I IV V chord progression and just soloing in between the changes. Good in keeping in time and practices moving your around the whole fretboard potentially.
Go use the random tab search option and learn something new, perhaps a song you've never heard before. Or just go through you're CDs and find a song that that might be fun to play, its different when you go back to you're music and are looking for songs to learn to play, you may rediscover a band you haven't listened to in years.
Absolutely Master of Puppets by Metallica. Great for improving speed (Both rhythym and lead) and co-ordination, particularly the 'spider' riff.
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Good luck, I always suck at playing when I'm sick lol, but you can get in a good bit done in a free day. Download the powertab, if you have it, (I dont know if theres a guitar pro one because I dont have it) for Shadowed by April Sixth, the end of the intro has a pretty cool sounding riff that isn't too difficult. Not really all that fast but it's fun.