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I've played guitar for a while and I am looking into getting some sort of Les Paul (Gibson). The two I was looking at were the Standard and Studio. I just wanted to have some input from other people of what one I should choose. I play mostly classic rock and blues, and I don't play in any major performances. Any input would be appreciated.

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Standard>>Studio.Actually modern studios suck.If you want a studio you'd better get a 90s one.
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Standard>>Studio.Actually modern studios suck.If you want a studio you'd better get a 90s one.

just try em out, which ever one feels better to play, its yours...then you look at the price.




you can get better for cheaper!

alternate options - burny rlc 115 (about $1000 dollars) brilliant les paul guitar - also (if i remember correctly comes with the option of a sustainer

buy a custom guitar (will be a bit more expensive than the standard but will be completely yours - you also get the chance to pick options you like, maybe an ebony fretboard, good tuners, a sculpted heel joint, seymour duncans or other, kill switches or whatever, unique inlays, cool paint, unusual design - whatever

brian may red special (in a different colour so it doesn't look like your copying) - graphite nut, grover tuners, ebony fret board, dual truss rod, burns tri sonic pickups, individual on/ off and in/ out phase pickups switches, zero fret, 24 frets, still good quality and feels much like a les paul ie. not shaped, quite heavy mahog - $1000

gibson sg - introduced to deal with all the problems that the les paul had in the first place - came with its own (neck heavy) and still has some of the downfalls of the lp - rarely if ever set up at the factory, poor tuners, average pickups, not always well dressed on the frets, more expensive than it needs to be - but cheaper than lp and essentially the same thing

schecter - most schecters are good to be honest, and they are very well priced. some people are put off by the fact that they are made in korea but i dont know why - i have a plywood body guitar made in wales thats 20 years old and still plays well - guitars are a lot more durable than people will have you think, and korea is good anyway. go for the classic series if your looking for the classic sound. (c-1)

new amp - if you have a crap amp it might be better ooking into replacing that than getting a new guitar.

however, if you decide not to listen to any of this then go to the shop, play the lp's the have, and decide which are better there, just because its the same make and model means nothing, there can be vast differences and you may find that their is a really well built studio there, or you may find that there is a really well built standard there.

good luck
a lot of ppl would say that the les paul standard is the first real gibson, as studios are meant to be rather hit and miss quality

you can get good guitars for cheaper, but if you find a gem its all good
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i do talk to people, no, i havent tried a hundred different studios
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i own a studio and it's a great guitar but yes it's true not all of the lp studios come out perfect...i was lucky to find a quality instrument but i had to try a few out before finding the right one. the only advice i can give u is to try as many as possible. imo the standard isn't really worth the extra money, u only get a different set of pickups (better for classic rock and blues) a flame top and binding,in general the sound and sustain aren't that much different at least from what i've played. the studio is great for classic rock and the pickups are brilliant for hard rock and some metal too, the modern pups on the lp are very hot and the sound from the neck pickup is great for soloing. it's true that gibson is quiet overpriced but it's still an icon of rock music (like fender),that's what makes the instrument so expensive...if u buy the imitations u basically get a similar instrument at a third of the price so it's more of a cash issue than a quality one.
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I talk to people too. I talked to some guy on an internet forum. He said that Gibson LP Studios have a hit and miss quality. When I asked him how he knew that, he provided absolutely no evidence to support his claim.

the fact is one guitar doesnt tell me that all the same guitars are good
i cant try them all sadly, so you just have to ask around
another person here agrees with me, some are great, some arent, so try before you buy
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The point is: people should stop selling things they read as general truths.
Dont say: Gibson LP studio's arent worth their money.
Say: Watch out, because its known that some studio's are of less quality then others.

This way, ALOT of internet tales would be prevented.
Imo 99% of all comments you read in gear topics are based on tales, and so 99% of the comments are generalised.
Dont let you fool by the internet. Go to a store, and test things yourself. Only then you can know for sure.
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trying a guitar doesnt tell you how reliable the quality is over all of them, i cant tell you all studios are good just because the one i tried was

edit: my first post says "meant to be", that indicates i havent tried them personally, sadly you all fail
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Thanks everyone...I'll just go have a look at the store and see what the deal is.