I plan on writing lyrics for this song. As u can see i got a vocal line set out. Most of the bass work is just posted now even thow im not a bassist. The Clean guitar sounds ok but in some parts drowns when the vocal line is on. The vocal line is muted now so check it out cus the volume bar is at 0. Any pointers and crits would help alot . Ill give u a crit back. c4c . and so it begins its just a ruff minute now so ill try to expand tommorow. Thnx in advance
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Yeah, that was interesting.I like the sound of it, maybe sounds more retro as my tastes are.Riffs are ok, you said youve got some more to go so i wont talk about the length or how it shouldve ended.Youve done some crazy stuff with the bass although it sounds good, i couldnt play that.The chords on the bass and the distort stuff, thats supposed to be on a guitar IMO.Generally, excepting the bass its nice. (8.5)/9/10
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=14080667#post14080667 heres mine if you feel like critting and any objections you have to my crit , go ahead