I've been looking at already getting rid of my current amp (mg ) and have heard a lot about Valve Juniors, but now I'm confused. Can anyone tell me what the main differences are between the three different types:




They all seem the same, just look different.
Or would it be easier to just get a Roland Cube 30?

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Cool. I shall look into it then. Wandering into town later, so will look in the guitar shop, see if they have any. If they do, my MG has played its last
Trained physicist occasionally enslaved by engineers.
I have the combo and the head/cab. If you can afford it get the head/cab. it's a bit louder and has a bit more low end to it. but the combo is nice also. they both love pedals.
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I'd get the head/cab. That way, you can get a decent cab, which will come in handy when you buy a new amp. The combo speaker is only 8".
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what type of music do you play?

if you play metal, you'll probably want to buy a cube, or a randall.

if you want a tube amp then save for a peavey, or similar.

if you get the vj, u'll need pedals to put in front of it, and thats another hundred or so anyway.

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