Hey guys. The Low E string on my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Alpine White broke ='[

I want to know the string guage for the guitar, so I can tell the dude at the music store what to give me without me having to Bring my guitar to school. Help me out quickly please!!!
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I personally would buy a whole new set. For someone starting out I would recommend .009 - .042 or .009 to .046. Hope that helps.
Epiphones come with .10-.46 strings as standard, if you want to keep the same tension.
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man if your starting out, then you should know, guitars dont require a certain guage string, so you can just go out an buy any guage you want, but it is best to just get a whole new pack, instead of just replacing one string.
please look at your bridge before you restring. its nearly always the bridges fault when the E or A breaks.
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If you're using the same strings you got with your guitar, definitely replace them. Epiphone put crappy Chinese strings on all their guitars, you're gonna want to get yourself a nice set of American-made strings.
I'd recommend putting a 0.010 set on a Les Paul, it'll just give you a richer tone and some more sustain.

By the way, when changing string gauges, sometimes a slight truss rod adjustment is necessary. Moving from 0.009 to 0.010 isn't a drastic change so it probably won't be needed, but if you get any fret buzz I would recommend taking the guitar to get adjusted.
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