Just wondering if anyone can help,
im wanting to build a switch to toggle between turbo on my ds2
if some one can tell me how to connect the switch to the jack, and what kind of jack to use i would be most greatful, the switch is a DPDT as well,

thanks sorry its so simple i just have no clue
any one???? please help,

all i need is how to wire the jack to the DPDT and if there anythign else i need to do,

i might also put a LED in but yeah HELP!
no need to bump so quickly....

but anyway, what you need to do is get a jack, a footswitch, a bit of wire, and an enclosure.
All the switch has to do is connect/dissconnet the two wires from the jack to activeate/deactivate the turbo mode, so you're just soldering a wire from the tip of the jack to one of the poles of the switch, and a wire from the sleeve of the jack to one of it's throws.
thanks it just i dont know which tips to run the wires from on the jack, and where to run it on on the DPDT.

The switch

| | |
| | | is like that
| | |

jack is a mono, but which tip do i use?
theres three??

sorry but i need help