Ok, so I finally got my ASAT Special off my cousin after he set it up very nicely. The guitar is great but I was wondering how to date it, as the online services only seem to date the U.S. made ones, whereas mine, being a Tribute by G&L is Korean made I think. The serial number on the headstock doesn't follow the same form as the American ones, but it's 100% real and not a fake.

If anyone could help me I'd be really grateful I'm sure it's quite old because the headstock logo is different from the current ASAT specials, with a less prominent G&L logo, and the decals being all black.

The serial number on the back of the headstock is: 03041248

Also, it's a natural finish with tortoise 3 ply pickguard, rosewood fretboard on a natural maple neck, and the pickups are white, whereas the current ASAT Specials are black I think.

If any of this could help anyone to identify the age of the guitar, or knows a resource for dating Tribute by G&L guitars then let me know and I will be very grateful.
Damn! I wish I had a G&L ASAT Classic I can't find it at any stores in Calgary (Canada). Uhhh, what is the average price for a G&L ASAT Classic?
I don't know, I have a Tribute (lower end model) Special, not a classic. Probably around the same price as an American Series Fender though.