I am working on songs for a new CD and have written many, but the problem is I feel only a few of the many I have written are up to snuff. I don't want to go into the studio and record just for the sake of recording and put out some mediocre project, but at the same time I also want a new project available to sell at gigs and make some cash. Anybody else ever get the "Chinese Democracy" feeling.
You have to start somewhere. You always feel that the first few are useless.
My advice would be to write them anyway.
Yeah I have them written, and I keep going back to them to try to polish them to be what I want them to be, but they just don't seem to be coming together. Maybe what I need is a co-writer to look over and help me polish. It just seems like I am writing a lot of mediocre stuff lately and I am known for at least being a decent writer, but I guess as musicians we are probably are own toughest critics.
What you need to do, is leave the songs as they are, write some new ones, and depending on how you feel with the new ones, return to them with a fresh perspective.
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I guess as musicians we are probably are own toughest critics.

Couldn't agree more. You gotta give yourself some praise at times though.
Once the day comes where you put something together, and you yourself like it.
Say to yourself "Yeah! I wrote that!". Once that day comes you'll never look back.