'Blow me a kiss into the wind.'

It was the perfect way to begin
his two-week love affair with the underground,
He woke up to strobe lights,
seduced pulse from the drum machine.

The camera pans three-sixty at the strike of the clock,

As the music stops,
heart skips a beat,
a girl with skin
like silk bedsheets.

She's like head-trauma;
She made him forget everything.
His concussional lover.

They woke up to rain kissed windows.

He turned over to her.
Her eyes were more beautiful closed.

'I think I have amnesia',
He began.
'I think I fell.'

There's a pause.
There's silence.

She did not stir; she serenaded her ring finger.
To be honest, this didn't strike me as well as your normal pieces. Your writing technique, as always, was exceptional. It was just the way the information was presented. Each idea felt like you chopped it off and didn't let it hit its potential. Like they were half-ideas that you didn't quite let bloom. Everytime I started to develop an image, it was ripped away. Some great lines though, "Eyes were more beautiful closed" was a highlight for me. So a-logical, it was wonderous.

That's all I got... just a reaction.