music styles, price range?

what amp do you own?

are you going to be gigging with this?

what are your specifacions, if any?

EDIT: damn beaten ^
That's a dumb question...go to a music shop and play some guitars...buy the one that feels and sounds right to you. Maybe take a buddy who is more experienced than you to help out so you don't buy junk.
i own a micro cube and i play stuff like gunz and roses, ac/dc etc and the price range is like 400-700 quid
Well...if that's the case. If you check out Slash and Angus Young you'd notice they both play Gibson guitars. Slash plays a les paul and angus young an SG.
I'd save some more money and get a Gibson, it's a solid American made guitar built to higher quality specifications compared to Epiphones which are made in indonesia or china or some place like that. A good American guitar, properly taken care of, will last a lifetime. I never buy anything from Korea, Indonesia, China, or Tawain. Only USA or Japan, that's where the quality is.

You can get an American SG for around 900 USD or a Les Paul studio for around the same price. The cool thing about American and Japanese guitars too is that they retain their value over the years. So keep it in good condition and in 30 years it's vintage and worth a lot of money...if the market keeps up.
cool thanks i found a proper gibson sg in a shop for £800 so i think ill go for that
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cool thanks i found a proper gibson sg in a shop for £800 so i think ill go for that

With only a micro cube, I would reccomend upgrading and splitting the money half and half on a new amp and guitar.
This is because as good practice amp a microcube is, you will notice the increase in quality immediatly
My two pence for you
Yeah dont go rushing into it, a extremely expensive guitar will sound naf through a rubbish amp, buy a good tube amp first.

Next about your new guitar you havent really given many details about yourself. I mean Slash and Angus both have like £2000 custom shops so that is nothing to go off. Name what type of sound you want to get and some bands you want to get a sound like.

E.G Able to handle high gain, a full sound, humbucker or single coil, what style, come on dude give us something to play off
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why not a samick...but of course, i may be kind of partial
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