Hey guys,

Heres a song I wrote this morning when I was studying for finals . Anyways, I didnt use my good equipment because I didn't feel like setting it up. But I really really like the words, and I like guitar behind it. Once I add some effects and stuff dont you think this will be a really cool, upbeat song? Ill C4C anybody.

its called Positively Thinking in my profile
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Wow dude really sweet, the guitar had a real nice natural sound and your voice is just awesome as well. The words were pretty solid, cool message but that galaxy Jupiter, Mercury, was a bit cheesy Great chord progressions and it was just really clean sounding, gave your voice a chance to shine.

BTW, I guess I have to up my ante to pie?
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
good quality, only problem with that is that the guitar sound is a bit trebly and thin

cool strumming pattern

vocals are solid with good tone

i dont like the one chord that first appears at about 0:14 and is used sparingly throughout, it doesnt fit with the song imo

i dont like the sudden ending though

overall cool jack johnson/john mayer thing here!

crit mine?

Good guitar rhythm. I liked the way you used your voice. It really fits well with the lyrics you were singing there.

overall... a great track!

here's my stuff if you wanna hear;
Hey guys...Thanks so much! I agree with alot of what you guys said:

1. The guitar is too trebly, I do need to fix that. Now that it was pointed out it bugs me so thanks :P
2.Dont end the song abruptly-- I should end on a pretty note, so the song can have a lasting effect.
3.Yes, I stole your cake thing! Up the ante!
4.The mercury and jupiter thing is definately sappy, Im not sure if I should change it though. I like the way it sounds, maybe I can find a better way to say it though

However, I disagree with that chord you hear around :14 seconds, I think it adds a bit to the song. It gives it a little bit of depth and difference. Just me though, maybe I will try to change some notes because I like the overall tonality of the chord.

Ill crit all you guys now, thanks a bunch!!