Ok, I never really paid attention to what kind of strings I used for my guitar, until I was playing my friend's guitar and noticed his strings were easier to bend than mine. What strings do you recommend for easier bending?
well as the gauge gets lower the easy they will be to bend (atleast thats what ive been taught) but also as the gauge gets lower the less tone you will have to me if you go lower it sounds kinda clingy and basiclly... bad.. so i personally use 13's but if you wanted the easiest to bend i would go for 8's. your choice.
Keep in mind that thin strings and low action do not generally go well together. As strings get thinner, for the same strumming strength they vibrate wider and may hit your frets, giving you the dreaded fret buzz. I had this problem on my Squier and started using 10s over 9s. A good compromise for me personally.
In general, if you have low action (gap between the string and fret) and you strum hard, you should use thicker strings, but higher action and/or lighter strumming, you can get away with thinner strings. Ask your friend what strings he has on his guitar, then try out a set. Experiment until you find the perfect compromise.

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9s are easy for bending, 10s work too
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It isnt the strings really, it is your fingers, instead of f'ing with them build your finger strenght up or you can use two finges to bend one string!
The lower the gauge, the easier it is to bend. 8's and 9's work very well, and 10's are actually good too.

The problem is, with lighter gauge strings, especially 8's, you lose tone. You also don't have a chance to build finger strength. If you're into insane 250bpm shredding with thousands of bends, get 8's. Otherwise, I'd recommend sticking with 10's, or if your fingers are a little weak, 9's. But you should try to get up to 10's or 11's, because IMHO those sound the best.
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