Hey guys, I came up with a nice chord progressions, yet I have a feeling that it's a bit cliche. It would be nice to hear if it's rather original or have been done million times already. The progression is:

Verse: Bm Dsus2 G Em Emadd9

Chorus: Bm D G E

Strumming pattern in MIDI:
Try throwing a capo on a fret or two and see how it sounds
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^ +1 or down tune a half or full step. you could also try inversions and also overdubbing instruments with the same chords but in different locations (put a G5 at the 10th fret on the A string over the open G chord, it'll fill it out and give it a different sound than JUST the open G chord)
+1 on the inversions
and also try and arpeggiate some of the chords, it dosent have to be strummed all the way
And some progressions are cliche'd for a reason