Over the last month or so I started going to the gym regularly, mainly to build up muscle, but more recently (obviously not seeing results yet) I've started trying to shift the inch or so of fat around my waistline

Using that funny thing to figure out how many calories you burn a day WITHOUT exercise of any kind, i'm burning around 2000 a day. On top of going to the gym, I imagine I'm burning quite a bit more than that.

Now, for anyone who is experienced in this, or even a personal trainer if i'm lucky, how many calories should I eat a day so that I can still lose this inch but also eat enough so that my body's not burning muscle to make up for the lost calories?

Thanks for the help
there is no real assessment on how much a person should be eating

the 2000-3000 calorie recommended diet's are bull if you are an athlete

you need to figure out how much you should be eating yourself just make sure you have a fair amount of all of the food familie's bread's/meat's/diary/vegetable's/fruit's

also another recommendation is to do lot's of cardio work please dont do it in the gym you have a big world around you to run around u no

have fun
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eating lots of meat like chicken and occasionally red meat will help you lose your weight, but gain muscle.

also try to advoid empty carbs in general.
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