So, i've written this one for a girl that I love, and I was hoping that you guys will help me out here. Keep in mind that I'm recording it, and I don't have a lot of instruments...
You want some help?! with what?! its perfect, about the instruments. im sure u can use ur imagination. i hope she loves it
Dude, that was fantastic. Beautiful and catchy. Seriously.
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Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.

That was gorgeus. I really really enjoyed that. I'm gonna go play it again while I type the rest of this out...

The recorder leads reminded me so much of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. (Which is definitely a good thing.)

So amazingly beautiful man. It's very catchy, and very relaxing. If I was a girl and a guy wrote this for me...

Great job. 10/10

Ahhhh I love it... lol I'm listening to it again
oh i really like this

its soo simple, basic instruments [and ones that arent often used in tabs that i see] and used so well

reminds me of the legend of zelda music =]

only crit, i think the solo sounds better with a finger bass, rather than fretless

not my usual stuff, but still, 9/10 =]

crit "Hellbound Believer"? link is in my sig