First of all, hello there all UG members. I am a 18 years old bassist from Croatia. I play in band for 2 years, mostly styles like Peppers, Muse, Bloodhound gang... I play on Ibanez ATK 300.

So, last week I bought Ashdown MAG 300h head at very cheap price from one guy. Then I wanted to buy MAG 410T cabinet but few guys recommended me GK 410 BLX. I started reading reviews for BLX and many guys sayd it has really great sound, but also many guys were complaining that speakers often broke down after few months. I don't have a lot of money and I can afford only cabinets at this price, so if something brakes down I am in big trouble.

So, what would you recommend me and what will work best with my MAG 300h head? I think I will save a lot of hair if I buy MAG 410, but also GK is atracting me because I believe it sounds great, but I have fear of breaking down it's speakers. I would apreciate your help and some advices. Thank you
Well Gk is used by the chili peppers if thats what ur into. But the Gks ive played have been very feedbacky when played under halfway volume. Good selections man, just play each at local music stores to hear what you like
Hehe, yes well, I know it's a good choice, but the main problem is that I can't choose beetwen those 2 cabs. But the good part is that I am not buying it so soon, for few months maybe, so I can get a good review before I decide what to buy.

Ouh, can you please explain me what means feedbacky?
Buy an Avatar. I got an Avatar 212 NEO, and it's amazing.

I have the same head as you, too.
By "feedbacky" he means that a loop is being generated where by the signal from the amp is going back through the guitar and into the amp causing that really high pitched tone to be produced. He says it happens at low volumes which is weird cause you generally get more feedback at the higher levels.

I have the combo version of that amp and its a very highmid to high focused cab. Especially with the tweeter. The cab isnt very good with the subharmonic generator due to it being 10s, you'll have this problem with both the Ashdown and GK tho.

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Well, I know those are low-budget amps so I can't get some quality of it, but thanks anyway Jonnomainman.

ele1122, what is the price of that Avatar 212 NEO? And in which country did you buy it, cause I am not sure there is some dealer for Croatia?
Well guys, then looks like I am buying myself a Ashdown mag 410. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot!