i'm considering buying the bare knuckle warpig pickups. are these pick ups worth buying?and if they aren't what would the best pick ups be?
In what guitar? For what style? In what price range? What country are you in?

Can't really help with that little info.
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What's your music style?
The most known are:
- Seymour Duncan
- DiMarzio (pricey!)
So metal.
Your best would be EMGs. The 81 and 85.
You can check out DiMarzio's too but it depends on what sound you want out of it, like a heavy lead crisp sound or a heavy distorted sound.
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i'm putting them in my peavey guitar and i play mainly heavy metal like children of bodom and machine head and i'm from the united states.prices isn't a problem
Bare Knuckle makes some of the finest pickups available here on the planet Earth. The Warpigs are quite articulate and have a ton of low end without sacrificing anything up top. That said, they were designed for metal and I'd happily take them over anything from EMG. Note that their output is almost ridiculously high, so make sure your technique is good.

One more note: I wouldn't consider DiMarzio to be expensive at all if the buyer in question is considering boutique pickups such as those from Bare Knuckle.
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