Hey, im buying my first car. One has cought my eye...its a 2002 saturn sl1 with 200,000 miles. I feel like thats a lot....do you think a car with 200,000 miles could last me a while? It would be used for a 20 min drive to school mon-fri plus some regular driving. This is all assuming theres nothing terribly wrong with it.

i would be paying around $1500USD for it.
any opnions would be great as im car dumb haha

I wouldn't get it.

Crap starts to go wrong around 200,000 mi.

But then again you sound like you're on a budget.
Yes 200K miles is a lot. My old 87' Accord only had 180K when it started breaking down.
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thats a lot - the service is gonna cost you more then the car so i wouldnt buy it

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Do not buy that car. If a car does go over 200,000 miles, and there are no problems, you can assume that is is a good car. However, things tend to go wrong around this time.
Hmm...it's quite a lot yeah. My 1996 306 has done 150k so for a 2002 that's quite a bit.
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yeah, that is what i was thinking, that it was a lot. I think im still gonna go look at it though, and see how it runs. I am on a very tight budget. I mean its nice thats its a 2002, i feel like thats a plus and that it is currently inspected..thats a huge plus to me that i dont have to risk buying a none inspected car finding out i have to do work to it so it can be legal.
well if its a septic car then 200,000 miles is on it's last legs, i wouldn't pay more than a lady godiva (fiver for non-Londoners) for that

now if it were say a Volkswagen Golf with 200,000 or a Honda Civic then i'd say it will probably last maybe a another 50,000 miles

but it's only a 2002 car so someone has used it alot, i think it's probably had a hard life and not worth it really
Saturns are usually good for about 250,000 miles, so i would say no

if it was a VW or volvo, then those are good for like almost 500,000 miles with regular maintenance.
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mine is at 192,000 miles now lol.. but yeah i heard cars go to **** around 200,000.. so id say keep looking for others
Dude I've found SL1s on autotrader.com with less than 140,000. And for that same price.

Get a Honda with less than 120,000 on it. You can't go wrong with that, it will be about $2,000.
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I wouldn't buy it,
if you need a cheap car go with a Toyota or a Honda or something with less than 100K miles, otherwise you'll end up with nothing but car problems and repair bills.
Also, it's better to buy a used car from a private seller than a used car dealership, you'll get a better deal.
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Saturns are usually good for about 250,000 miles, so i would say no

if it was a VW or volvo, then those are good for like almost 500,000 miles with regular maintenance.

ahh i forgot bout Volvos, those things are tanks with the steel bars down the sides, probably the safest car you could buy
Well, cars usually get about 12,000-15,000 miles per year. I would say no, but it depends. If the person has taken really good care of it, getting it worked on, and stuff, it might be okay. My friend has a '92 Toyota with over 250,000 miles on it, and it runs fine, but he took good care of it.
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