does anyone know if daron plucks the 5th string on the 5th fret of the intro, or hammers it on? to me it sounds like he hammers it on, but when i try that it sounds really weak compared to plucking it, and when i do pick it, it makes the pulling off to open sound weak. does anyone know how he plays this?
He's trilling from the 5th fret to the open string.
It is quite difficult to do with low output pickups. I find its much easier on my Ibanez with EMGs than on any of my other guitars with crappy stock pickups.
Practice it slowly, make sure you're flicking the string when pulling off and make sure that each note is the same volume before speeding it up.
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Hammer on and pull offs.

If he was plucking you'd be able to distinctly hear the plucking sound because of the density of his pick.

Just do it real hard.

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