Hey all
Ive been shopping for guitars recently and I have narrowed my choices down to the gibson sg. However I'm not quite sure what differences there are between the standard and special faded that merit a 200-300 euro price difference. I know the standards finish kicks ass but I'm more interested in the quality of the sound I'll get out of one. Can anyone elaborate? Or even suggest another guitar?

I play lots of different kinds of music, mainly
-Classic Rock
-Hard Rock

Hope to hear from someone with more expertise!
I ated them all.
Trust me, you are about to see flaming up the butthole about the special.

EDIT: And I also say standard because I have played both, and the standard feels more like a real gibson and the special just doesnt feel right, and it does sound better and is wayy more versatile.
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trapezoid inlays, neck binding, covered pups, shiny finish

try them out, the special looks good in black
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Deffinately the standard, the faded series are crap
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On the Special Faded, the neck pickup is a 490R Alnico, and the bridge a 490T Alnico.

On the Standard, the neck pickup is a 490R Alnico II, and the bridge a 498T Alnico II.

The pickups on the Standard are supposed to provide a fuller, hotter tone.
standard, more money.... but a dam good guitar
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Personal preference here is the Standard. IMO it's the best bang-for-buck Gibson, provided you pick a good one. I'm just not a fan of the satin finish, both aesthetically and to feel.
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standard, more money.... but a dam good guitar

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If you can't afford the Standard, which is by far the best, you should stay away from the special faded and instead get a normal special. Those come in cooler colors, too.
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Standard if you have the money, fo sho
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Ok thanks everybody for your help I reckon I shall go for the standard then ^^
I ated them all.
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The faded special plays fine. I have one.

depends, they have really bad QC on those particular models.
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I've played a lot of really cheap-feeling and weak-sounding Fadeds. Standards are usually up to a better QC standard, but still - don't buy before you try the exact one you're buying!
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depends, they have really bad QC on those particular models.

Shame on the QC. What I got is excellent (thanks god) and I bought it used (made in 11-07). It's got SD Pearly Gates and SD Alnico II Pro pups in it so I have no idea what the oringinal pups sounded like.