Poll: Is Bush a good president?
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View poll results: Is Bush a good president?
omg yes, he's awesome
1 9%
No, he's less than an adequate
10 91%
Voters: 11.
So, do you think he's doing a good job or a pathetic job at being a president

Personally, I think he's doing a really bad job

So, does the <30% approval rating also apply to UG? We'll find out soon enough
This is kind of a waste of time because u will only find 1 or 2 ppl who say good job.

Hes a monkey in a suit; I hope he contracts the HIV virus, gets a brain tumor, has ulsars, and dies of an anyurism.
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
I'm Just a Box in a Cage
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he's a vagina mouth!
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