Poll: Favorite Iron Maiden Guitarist?
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Dave Murry
10 56%
Adrian Smith
7 39%
Janick Gers
1 6%
Voters: 18.
So which of these players do you prefer? I just wanted to see which of these players were the most popular.....let the voting begin!
Adrian and dave. Jannick is a sloppy player. screws up most of the solo's live.
I picked Adrian because his solos have better phrasing.
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Yeah Adrian has really good tone as well! I picked Dave just because I love his Powerslave solo so much.......Adrian's was awesome on that one too though lol
poor poor janick
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Jannick is actually a very good player, what lets him down is the god awful tone he uses. It makes him sound sloppy and inconsistent when hes actually doing things near perfect.