Ok, so i'm looking at getting a synthesizer but i also want good piano sounds. i have a couple of questions.

1) what kind of synth sounds does the Line 6 TonePort KB37 offer?
2) what kind of piano sounds does the M-Audio Keyrig 49 offer?
3) would it be better to buy the KB37 and a separate digital piano? because i could use the footswitch and phantom power it offers. i could use the KB37 pretty much specifically for synth sounds and the digital piano for even better piano sounds. or i could just get the keyrig and forget about it all.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
i'm far from a keyboard expert.. but most of the modern keys sold these days are pretty nice sounding.

some brands cater to a type of musician tho.. roland makes some nice digital piano which really are meant for the classical pianist, and Korg makes some wicked sounding synthy, techno type stuff.

to figure out what kind of sounds you're looking for, go to a music store with a keys or synth department and get an expert to show you.

its just like guitars or amps or anything gear wise really.. you gotta go and get your hands dirty with it to figure out if its for you or not.
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With MIDI you can use any keyboard controller and get a bunch of different plugins to get the sound you are looking for.

Roland makes good piano sounds
Korg and others are more synth sounds...

I prefer Roland.
Witht he KB38 you get a small but usable MIDI keyboard controller, I don't think it has on board sounds, (dont quote me on that...) but can trigger any MIDI software such as Cakewalk Sonar...