I normally wouldnt play a song like this, but Im recording it for my girlfriend. Its quite poppy. And I played guitar for the vocals over it, and I was wondering what other people thought about it. I had to use Dmusic because UG wouldnt let me upload it, so its here.

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I love this song.

you should have been singing, but it was still good. sounds like there's too much distortion on the guitar but that wasn't that bad. guitar during the bridge ("our treblinka....) didn't sound like it was the exact rhythms, but nice cover
...Nothing you've ever...
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A few times the rhythm through me off, it's a bit loose in places but I still enjoyed it. I think you did the right thing using clean guitars for the vocals but actual singing would have been better.

As for the tone of the actual guitar part, like the guy above me says you'd be better trying to get it sounding just very slightly distorted, almost like a clean tone thats just starting to break up.

I've covered this song for a school talent show once, I know it's a little tricky in places.


Have a listen to the version on my profile, I think it's better than the video, even if I messed up the solo.
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hey, thanks. And yeah, I can pick out some timing errors, but I dont feel they are big enough to constitute re-recording all the rhythm guitar parts, haha. And I would have sang, but every time I hear my singing voice I cringe. I hear its not that bad from some people, where others tell me to never sing again... haha. and i tend to agree with them...