hey in brand spankin new to the guitar instrument just got my guitar friday actually
umm yeah well my guitar is neon green a dean to be precise a six string sounds pretty good i have a marshall amp with distortion and its just a small 80$ bedroom amp to practice ya know...
Im hoping to become extremely talented with the guitar but anyways
i've hear wake me up when spetember ends is a easy song and for the most part yes it is i can play the begging 3 0 5 pretty easy but i have trouble switching from 4 0 3 to 2 0 3 and with the chords i use the chords instead of the actualy notes because their a bit to hard for me http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/green_day/wake_me_up_when_september_ends_tab.htm
theres the link im hoping for tips so i can play this song no problem
i know how to read the music so thats not the problem
also during the chorus and when the chords start to enter i need the strumming pattern i cant seem to find it anywhere on the net so that would also help me a lot.
and any other suggestions to a person just starting out would be great
also im 14 years old if that has any difference due to the size of my hands
im a guy so they're pretty decent for a 14 year old but yeah im really hoping to become an awesome recreational guitar player.
thanks for any help i recieve

EDIT: if you wanna find the strumming pattern, listen to the song closely, the more you do it by ear you'll pick it up a hell of a lot quicker
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umm okay
by ear isnt the pattern something like what they strum like on the intro???
but what about the chorus?
when you play


Here are some options:

For 5 0 3 use your ring finger on 5 and pointer on 3

Then either use your middle finger or slide down your ring finger for 4 and leave the pointer finger for 3

And the "tough part" 2 0 3 will require lifting your fingers and repositioning them as Pointer finger on 2 and ring finger on 3

That's how I would do it anyway.....