Thanks to the advice sought herein, I purchased a 1964 (possibly '65) blackface Fender Bassman head about ~7 months ago. The only time I've played it was when I bought it. I finally have money on the side for a cabinet, and I am faced with choices.

Someone here convinced me on an Avatar speaker, and I'm now trying to pick a speaker. At the Eminence website, you can hear the differences and nuances in every speaker via a system whereby every speaker is played clean, overdriven, and heavily overdriven with the same lick. This way you can tell which speaker is for you. I settled on the Screamin' Eagle.

However, I know Celestion is held in great esteem. The problem being their website: it has a lack of worthy soundclips. It's nice if there's a clip or two here and there, but if each clip is a different lick through a different setup, how do I really gauge the differences between the speakers?

I'm not risking a couple hundred extra for Alnico Blues if I don't have a great idea what I'm getting, and I won't get a Greenback unless I can compare it honestly to the Screamin' Eagle.

Any input would be fabulous. Suggestions welcome. I want a speaker that will jive with my Bassman. I'm looking for a tone that is a bit less ballsy than SRV but still somewhat chimey with clarity. I want some balls for sure: mids are very important. I don't want it to be too dark or too bright; somewhere in between would be sweet, leaning toward bright perhaps.

I -AM- willing to pay an extra hundred or so if it results in markedly superior tone. Tone is incredibly important to me.

I deeply appreciate any assistance. Cheers.
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